Death and Taxes

Ep2: Hunting the Hunters
A day in the life of

Beil 9th, 400th Year

“Freedom at last” -Bjorn

Our adventurers take their first steps out of the jail midway through the day and make their way back to the Run of the Mill Tavern. Their next plans of action include a fun day of shopping and finding the bastards who snitched them out. With a fresh face in mind, they head to the market to find Garricks friend whom he had fought with the night before. After a bit of shopping and walking around, Augias spots the man.

HEY BUDDY!” -Augias

They talk for a second, with the man wishing they’d just leave. As the man begins to walk away. Our adventurers attempt to follow in stealth, failing miserably. The man dashes off, with Augias and Killdrak on his tail. With a violent burst of speed, Killdrak grabs the man by his belt, the sudden force jerks him to the ground.

“You’re going to take us to your friends” -Killdrak

After a bit of forceful persuasion, the man, now known as Theonin, takes our adventurers to the Hunting lodge him and his friends frequent. They arrive at the cabin with the night sky above them. A flicker of a fireplace bounces light out of the windows of the cabin.

…to be continued…

EP1: A Day in the life of an Usurper
A day in the life of

“Beil 8th, The 400th year”

Killdrak and Augais find themselves a the Run of the Mill Tavern for another day. Bjorn Gordson finds his friends at his tavern and hurrys to get them their beers. He runs to the waitress, who is in the process of delivering a table their beers, and takes two beers from the platter before she can deliver them, upsetting the locals. Marie Clen joins them and explains her newest plan to foil the Kings Guards attempt to protect the King.
As they speak with one another, the four locals overhear their plan.

“We need a distraction” – Marie

As the table sits about discussing their strategy, Augias decides to use the locals. He orders Bjorn to bring as many beers as possible to the tavern, sure to start a fight.
After a few beers, the locals gain the courage to confront our table of adventurers.

“You stole my fuckin’ beer you twat” – Local

Killdrak sits quietly, waiting for approval from Augias to silence the man by force.
Augias, using his profound gift of influence, tells the man to sit back down, calmly.
Worried, the local agrees, while his buddy stays at the table to argue.
In a calm voice again, Augias tells him to join his friend, and once again, the local, scared, agrees. Once seated. The locals begin to argue.
This is our groups que.
Bjorn, not liking the commotion, throws the two men out into the street. Augias, through the use of his telepathy, convince the locals to become overly violent. The man draws his sword with intent to kill his own friend.


As the fight rages, Marie slips over to the Kings Guard stable, with intent to poison the kings guard horses.
After a few minutes of drunken fighting, the City Guard comes to put an end to the fight. Augias notices that Marie is not back yet, and decides to check on her with Killdrak stumbling drunkly behind him.

They find themselves across the street from the stables, only to see two guards standing outside.

“We need another distraction” -Augias

Killdrak drunkenly stumbles tword the guards and finds himself on the ground asking to be helped up. Augias comes over and attempts to hoist the drunken dwarf back to his feet.

“Can you give me a hand?” -Augias

The guard responds with a solid no. Augias falls to the ground attempting to help Killdrak up. The guard decides they need help and will only take a second, leaving his post. As the guard attempts to help Killdrak up, he too finds himself on the ground. The other guard see’s this, draws his sword and charges tword our adventurers, but is quickly called off by the other guard, stating it was clearly an accident. After being helped up, and starting a small fire. Our adventurers head back to the tavern to find Marie waiting for them at the table.

“Took you long enough” – Marie

Marie informs the group that everything worked flawlessly, or so she thought. A round of celebratory drinks are ordered and they head to bed.

In the morning, our adventurers stroll the town to see whats going on and how everything went. Checking in on the two, now prisoners, from last night. Augias makes a witty remark about being a free man.
Our party makes their way to the stables to see the aftermath. No guards this time, in fact, it’s completely silent.


The first words they hear as they round the corner to the tavern. In front of them stands numerous guardsmen, and not just any guards, Kings Guard.
After an exchanging of words, our party is arrested and taken to holding cells. Augias and Killdrak are locked up right next to their two favorite Locals.
Marie picks her cell and makes quite the quick escape.

A fancy man walks into the cell area and begins to question our adventurers. Augias and Killdrak claim to have nothing to do with the horses being poisoned. Turns out, a few locals snitched them out.

“They could have been useful” -Unknown Noble


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