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  • Droannon

    Droannon is the countries best farmland. It breeds the heartiest workers and crops due to it's location in the north. Long standing war and hatred against [[Larois]]. They often use the Grand Capitol, [[Predan]] as a safe point to discuss any politics, …

  • Larois

    The harbor and trade capitol. Second most wealthy city next to the capitol [[Predan]]. At war with [[Droannon | Droannon]]. Uses [[Predan]] as a meeting place to discuss treaties, trade and agreements with [[Droannon | Droannon]].

  • Predan

    The Capitol City. The richest city in the entire Kingdom. Home to the current High King [[Ibon Seiler]] Laws are created here. The gods shine their grace here. This is the central for everything in the kingdom.

  • Ibodia

    This city relies heavily on it's slave trade and labor. The people of Ibodia don't care for non-humans. Their favorite creature of trade are Orcs thanks to their strength and numbers. They always attack the city to set their Orc brethren free and always …

  • Thohadn

    The City in the Mountains The best steel in all the kingdom comes from Thohadn. The steel itself is of great quality, but the Blacksmiths of Thohadn have great techniques that have been passed down by generations. There are only 4 families of Blacksmiths …

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